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  • Will I be a part of the decision making process for my loved one?
    We always make decisions with a client's best interests as top priority. When appropriate, we work closely with families, as they have information that is helpful for making decisions regarding a client’s care. This also creates an opportunity for family members to take a step back when difficult decisions need to be made, helping reduce family tensions.

  • What type of contact will I have with you regarding my loved one?
    We keep in regular contact with client's family members. We are available by phone or email, while in person meetings are available by appointment during specific hours. We do check messages during off hours in case of emergency. 

Who takes care of my loved one?
There are usually many people involved in a client's care. This includes staff at the facility where they reside that cares for the clients’ daily needs. This also may include a social worker or case manager that has been assigned by the County. In many cases, there are medical personnel who regularly check on a client.

What happens when there is an emergency?
The staff responsible for the daily care of  a client are very capable of handling any emergency that may arise. If there is an emergency, we are also available by phone or email and will contact family members, if necessary.

What is the legal process when someone is need of a professional fiduciary?
Depending on the specific needs of the individual determined to need a professional fiduciary, there may be a court hearing.  Typically, this only takes place to appoint a guardian, conservator, and in some cases a trustee. 

It is necessary for the person in need to have legal representation. This may be private or court appointed, if needed. It is very important that a client have a representative who can inform them of their legal rights.

Once the Court has appointed us to a case, we must follow legal standards. Under guardianship, we must submit an annual report regarding the status and well-being of a client to the Court. Under conservatorship, we must submit an annual accounting to the Court. This is carefully reviewed to ensure a client is not financially exploited. All this being said, the most important standard that must be followed is that the professional fiduciary must always act in the best interest of a client. 

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