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A trusted voice for those who are incapable of speaking and caring for themselves.


At Maday Fiduciary, we coordinate care for incapacitated adults while providing a range of fiduciary services in the Minnesota Twin Cities area.
It is our mission to provide thoughtful, comprehensive services in the best interest of each individual we support.

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"I would highly recommend Mindy Maday Penney for guardianship. She is passionate, empathetic and has her client’s best interest at heart. Mindy is very involved with team meetings, collaborative goal setting and problem solving. She is easily available, incredible with personal visits to clients, and prompt at returning calls. Mindy checks in frequently with clients to make sure they are happy, healthy, safe, and living their best life possible. Overall, I would give her a five star rating."

-- deanna, Group home manager

“I have worked with Mindy Maday Penney since 2016, and I have found her to be diligent in looking after the needs of her clients, and always accessible. Mindy has a keen understanding of the financial responsibilities of a professional fiduciary, but also an appreciation of the personal needs of her clients.  She treats them with dignity and knows that each client has their own story and deserves her individualized attention.” 

-- bryan D. Penney, attorney

“Mindy has gone above and beyond taking care of my brother’s personal needs and financials. She helped sell his home and found a care facility that is a good fit for him. Mindy is a good communicator and involves families with decisions. Having her as his guardian has taken a big weight off my shoulders. I don't have to worry about the business issues and can focus on being a sister to my brother.”

-- sharyl, client family member

“Mindy is very responsive to my son’s complex needs. She has a no-nonsense approach, and always has his best interest in mind. She has a very strong knowledge of her legal requirements, and is very good at educating the team on what her role is."

-- kris, client family member

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